Pick the right LED Headlights Kit for your vehicle

It is very difficult to choose the right Bulb for our vehicles, When it comes to upgrading car LED headlights. First, when you make your decisions, it might be the right decision. Then, when you find out that it’s not, it’s hard to shift. So make the correct choice to shop LED Headlights kit with Vanquish Auto.

Step 1: Find out your Car Headlight Bulb type-

The simplest way to find your headlight bulb type is to search for it in the website

The two possible results are as follows:

1) Single Beam Bulb – the high and low beams use two separate bulbs

2) Dual Beam Bulb – the high and low beams are combined in one bulb

If your vehicle is not listed on the Vanquish Auto site you could try these other methods to find your bulb type:

  • Check your vehicle owner’s manual
  • Remove a headlight bulb and read the bulb information

You must know the “Color Temp” before you buy your LED headlight

Congo! you had got your Headlight type!

Step 2: Purchase an LED Headlight Conversion Kit. Now that you know your bulb type you need to purchase an LED headlight conversion kit. A variety of online stores sell these lights. We offer custom made headlights which is the best thing after all.

Step 3: Place an order with us. Get the best and fast shipping, we brings Online payments choices like PayPal, MasterCard or Amazon Pay to buy. You can choose as your convenience. You can also Track your product through your email.

Step 4:  Once you receive your LED headlight  check that you have all the correct components. There should be two LED bulbs, two ballasts and wiring components as you ordered. We also exchange defective or damage LED headlights Products within the warranty Period.   

Step 5: LED conversion kits are also easier to install, follow the quick tips, guides and diagrams to run your new Car LED lighting by us. You can also contact us if you face any problem give us a call at 239-205-8437.

Step 6: You can also shop by downloading our Android App and iPhone App. Our apps are designed to assist you at every step to shop with us.

Step 7: Last but not Least don’t forget to share your experience with us to help others customers to shop. We will be waiting for your reviews on google.



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